One-year or part-time professional programs designed to prepare students for jobs in a business or NGO. Courses give students practical experience in Management, Accounting, Banking/Finance, Marketing, English Teaching, Community Education, Public Health, and many more professions..


Dewey International University wants to help students obtain the professional education that will enable them to find a suitable job. Some students might not have the time or the money to attend a full Bachelor’s Degree Course , So DIU offers them practical skill courses that they can complete in one year full-time, or perhaps two or three years part-time. DIU is named for the famous American educator John Dewey, who used the phrase “Learning by Doing”. That is the motto of DIU. Students will learn the subjects of the diploma courses not just by sitting in lectures and reading books, but by observing real businesses and NGOs, and by working on practical projects in those organizations. DIU has signed agreements with many local businesses and NGOs, so that DIU students will get to know these institutions, and those institutions will get to know students as possible future employees. DIU will open a Jobs Placement Center, where students can put their CVs and letters of recommendation. Employers can be contacted through the Jobs Placement Center.


Students do not need a high school diploma to enter the diploma program, but they need to be at least 17 years old. “Teachers’ Perceptions of Good and Bad Leaders in Seven Cultures”. Academic Leadership Journal, Feb. 19, 2009. However, the diploma courses will be conducted at university levels, so students will have to work as hard as university students in order to pass the courses. “Teachers’ Perceptions of the Roles of Educational Technology”. Educational Technology and Society, 8 (2), 102-106. If a student has the qualifications to enter university, for example a high school diploma, he/she will have a better chance at success in further university studies. A student cannot use this diploma alone to enter university; however, he/she may be able to transfer some credits from their DIU diploma into future DIU university programs.

Khmer Language
The language of instruction will be Khmer. However, a knowledge of English will be useful, because in addition to Khmer professors, International professors will give lectures in English, with Khmer translation. Much of the textbook material and internet connections will be written in English. The ability to read English will therefore be an advantage. By taking the diploma courses, students will be able to improve their English.


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