MOU Signing Ceremony between Dewey International University and Nanhua University, Taiwan, 14 February 2020

On 14 Feb. 2020, DIU President and Co-founder Dr. Raymond Zepp, together with DI CEO and Founder Mr. Khem Reaksmey, visited Nanhua University in ChiaYi, Taiwan, to sign an MOU with Nanhua University leaders: President Tosn-Mong Lin, Ph.D., Ms. Shu-Ling Lai, Dean, Institute of International Affairs, and Vice-President Wann-Yih Wu, Ph.D. The MOU signing ceremony was attended by 19 Cambodian students beginning a 10-day short course on Chinese culture. These included four DIU students and a DIU lecturer.

This MoU is aimed to enrich the understanding of cultures of the two countries, students exchanges including field trips and volunteer opportunities, faculty and staffs exchange and joint research programs between both universities. The hosts presented the President and the CEO with gifts and gave them a very warm welcome. Student and teacher exchanges are planned with Nanhua Univerisity, located on a large and beautiful campus in Central Taiwan.

These is another great achievement for DIU especially for students to strengthen their global knowledge and competence as well as research opportunities internationally especially with Nanhua University.

From ChaiYi, Dr. Zepp traveled by high speed train to National Tsing Hua University in XingChu, Taiwan’s third largest city. He met with Senior Vice President Dr. Shih-Chang Hsin. They discussed possible possibilities for cooperation between DIU and Tsing Hua.

During this period, a DIU lecturer and 4 students also joined the trip with DIU President to Taiwan to join the 2020 Taiwan Short Term School with Nanhua University for 10 days, between 13-22 February, 2020.

The Short Term School supply with plentiful activities, courses, and famous sightseeing tours. It is to make all participants from Southeast Asia to know more about Taiwan and its history. Course contents include Chinese Mandarine Courses, Nanhua Meditation, Sustainable Environmental Education Courses, Traditional Folk Games, and Taiwanese Lifestyle and Cultural Courses.

DIU Students Teaching Practicum at Samit School Group, Thailand, 01-27 September 2019

Learning by Doing is an educational theory developed by an American philosopher John Dewey. It’s a learning approach that students learn through interaction within their learning environment. This theory has been adopted in educational institutions around the world. Dewy International University has adapted this theory in its education programs. Applying this theory, DIU has an internship and practicum program for its faculty of education.

Since September 01 till September 27, 2019, Dewey International University sends six students major in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to do teaching practicum with Saimit School Group in Thailand. These six students have been assigned to teach in three different schools including Saimit Sueksa and Chankrachang Sueksa School in Prachin Buri province and Suppawid Sueksa School in Sah Kaeo province. Each student is assigned to teach English through math, science, health, and arts in different grades from grade 1 to grade 9. This practicum is a practical assignment that allows students to apply their teaching skills they have learned from the school in the international context. They also have chances to be exposed to classroom teaching with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

The six practicum students are Ms.Pech Settheavattey and Ms.Ros Sreyneat teach at the main school, Saimit Sueksa school; Ms.Seng Davy and Ms.Thav Phanot are teaching at Chankrachang Sueksa school in Prachin Buri, Thailand. Ms.Touch Sreyleak and Ms.Nhem Early are teaching at Suppawit Sueksa school in Srah Keo province, Thailand.

Led by Vice-Dean of Faculty of Education, arriving at the school, the students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Salit, the CEO of Saimit School Group, and Thai and Filipino teachers. They started the discussions about the plan straight after the meeting with the CEO of Saimit School Group. In his welcome speech, the CEO suggested the practicum students to use their quality time by working in collaboration with local and international teachers. He also suggested for feedback from the practicum teachers to improve the quality of teaching at his schools.

Each practicum student was scheduled one day for classroom observation to explore various teaching methods applied by local teachers and international teachers in the schools. They prepared lesson plans for their assigned classes the following day. During their classroom observation, they could see a different style of teaching and decorative classroom.

Each pair of practicum students have the assigned Filipino buddy to support in their teaching. Their buddies provide technical supports and advice to improve classroom teaching skills. Besides, buddies provide regular mentoring supports to our practicum teachers.

The six practicum teachers have chances to make friends with Filipino and Chinese teachers who are teaching at those schools, and they spend their weekend in a cultural tour together. They were also invited to have dinner with other teachers.

Saimit Sueksa Group is a strategic partner of Dewey International Co.Ltd. The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 5 years for mutual collaborations to promote the quality of international education standards. The practicum program for DIU’s students with Saimit Schools is one of the agreed collaborations mentioned in the MoU. DIU’s Faculty of Education is committed to sending its students to do practicum and internship with Saimit School Group each year.

Click below link to watch a videoclip of two Dewey International University students, Ms. Seng Davy and Ms. Thav Phanot, describing about their unforgettable practicum experience at Samit School Group, Thailand. They are among10 students that DIU has sent to do practicum at the school since September 2019 and February 2020. This teaching practicum allows them to apply methods of teaching English to Thai students, from Grade 4 to Grade 9, in different subjects such as Math, Science, Health and Arts.




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