Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision Statement:

Dewey International University will be a leading nationally and internationally recognized university through capacity building leading to enhanced human capital for career development and labor markets.

Mission Statement:

DIU is committed to instilling high quality knowledge, understanding, and skills that prepare our students to achieve their personal and career goals and to have a transformational impact on Cambodian society. DIU will equip them with a wide range of skills in communication, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship. Following our motto of “Learning by Doing”, students will participate actively in gaining experience in problem solving and critical thinking.


A. Dewey International University aims to be a leading International university, as evidenced by international programs, student and teacher exchanges, and online outreach around the world.
B. The University will become a hub of STE(A)M learning and activities in Southeast Asia. It will partner with other universities and institutions in research activities. It will be a leader in ICT and other technology areas.
  • The University will develop and implement innovative programs and facilities to improve the quality of education we deliver. Thus, enrollment will increase by making the University superior to other competitive institutions.
  • Net revenues will increase and will be managed to improve the University’s economic stability and the excellence of our educators and administrative staff.
  • The University’s curricula will evolve to improve our current academic programs and add new ones to further students’ creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. We will increase accessibility to these programs through digital/online technologies.
  • The University’s student experiences will advance their professional “soft” skills (e.g., leadership, communications), adaptation to new technological trends and participation in Cambodia’s economic development.
  • The University will promote and support activities for students to increase their awareness of social, environmental and other contemporary issues. These activities will exhibit the University’s commitment to our community and moral values beyond required academic studies.
  • The University will develop study programs in the fine arts and cross-cultural experiences to attract international partners and expand our students’ opportunities for culturally rich learning experiences, which also will broaden their perspective of the world.
  • The University will maintain its status as a leader in the field of education, especially in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
  • The University will become a leader in a wide range of business subjects, with increased exposure to Tourism and Hospitality, Small Business Incubation, and Agribusiness.



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