President’s Message

President’s Message

Message from the President during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents, and Friends of DIU,

We have all been thrown into difficult times by the COVID-19 virus, and now are faced with the closure of all schools in Cambodia. We here at Dewey are working hard to solve these problems.

One of our main solutions is to continue classes online, so that students can work at home without attending classes. This may sound difficult, but DIU has been working on setting up online courses for the past year, and we are in a strong position to launch these programs immediately. We are far ahead of all other universities in Cambodia.

We realize that you may not be used to studying online, so we would like to give you a short introduction to what we and you will be doing. We will use the internationally-used platform called Google Classroom, which you can access at classroom.google.com

In fact, e-learning is the future of education. You will benefit from your experience with online learning through our DIU courses. Several studies have shown that e-learning is at least as effective as in-class learning, and in many cases, even more effective. E-learning has come a long way; we can offer inter-student discussions, videos, YouTube downloads, and other interactive learning experiences online. Our experienced staff at DIU is in an excellent position to make your e-learning experience a fruitful one.

Dewey, March 23, 2020

Message from the President 2019-2020

Dewey International University will soon celebrate its 10th year anniversary. What tremendous success and growth DIU has achieved in 10 years! We have gained the trust and respect of the Battambang community, and in fact we are recognized internationally.

DIU is now the foremost university in internationalization in Western Cambodia, with various research projects, collaboration activities, student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and many memorandum of agreement (MOA) with foreign universities. Perhaps the jewel in our international crown is the European-Union-funded ERASMUS+ FRIENDS project, a joint effort of 12 Southeast Asian universities and 4 European support universities, aimed at increased internationalization. Kent State University in Ohio, USA and DIU have set up an annual KSU-DIU Summer Institute to study Angkor Wat and the Cambodian environment. Rangsit University in Thailand cooperated with DIU and 8 other universities in Asia to co-host the RSU National and International Research Conference annually with different themes year by year. Recently, DIU has begun to send TESOL students to do teaching practicum at Saimit School Group, Thailand, for every semester.

DIU is developing flagship programs in TESOL, Professional Accountancy, Finance and Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, and IT programs such as Network and Communication and Software Engineering.

- TESOL has been the main flagship at DIU for many years. TESOL is now upgrading its curriculum to be an international program with many plans for collaborations both locally and internationally. Teaching practicum at Saimit is already one example.

- Bachelor of Professional Accountancy (BPA) is an international qualification under the auspices of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This program is developed based on the ACCA syllabus and ACCA Approved Exployers’ inputs. Graduates will gain two degrees: a BPA from DIU and a Bachelor in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, London, UK.

- DIU is signing an MOU with the Department of Tourism to launch Tourism and Hospitality programs at various levels, which will send interns to local hotels, restaurants, and tour companies, including Dewey International’s own planned resort. Many universities in Europe and Asia is very interested in student exchanges and teacher exchanges to this program.
All these above activities are prime examples of DIU’s motto of “Learning by Doing”.

I am excited about the future of DIU as one of the premier institutions of higher education Cambodia, and indeed, Southeast Asia and internationally. Come and grow with us!

Dr. Raymond Zepp



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